nCryptone and Inteligensa are launching the first multi-purpose token: the Dual Output Token

nCryptone and Inteligensa are launching the first multi-purpose token: the Dual Output Token

Boulogne-Billancourt, the 29th of January 2007–nCryptone, the major actor of strong and multi-channel authentication solutions, and Inteligensa, a Latin American company, specialized in the development and implementation of intelligent solutions for mass business, are joining their expertise to propose a new multi-purpose authenticator adapted to the diversity of contexts for the final user.

Seven million new web surfers a day, 300 gigabytes of data exchanged every second, 200 million phones sold every quarter.

These figures are an illustration of the outburst of electronic exchanges and of its consequence, that is, the necessity of giving the guaranty of electronic identities in this multi-channel environment, which means providing the proof that the person who is connected is really the one that he or she says to be.

Today, the number of different tokens found on the market is usually well adapted to the needs of a specific use. However, these authenticators are not adapted to the diversity of purposes that are offered to users when what they want, is to use the right authenticator with the right terminal (phone, computer, handheld, etc.).

It is to fulfill this need that nCryptone and Inteligensa, recognized for their innovating products, launch the Dual Output Token, an authentificator which looks like the millions of products already present on the market but which differs greatly because of the number of choices offered in terms of authentication in one and only device. The Dual Output Token transmits simultaneously:

  • a one time password on a screen,
  • a one time password in an acoustic signal,
  • and also, as an option, radio frequencies enabling identification or contact-less payment.

Therefore and for example, the user will be able to enter on his computer the password displayed on the token’s screen to access his confidential information on a web site, use the acoustic signature to be identified and authenticated (simultaneously) over the phone, and, if the option has been selected, open a door or make a contact-less payment with the RFID signal.

Conceived and developed in partnership with the Latin-American company, Inteligensa, the “Dual Output Token capitalizes on nCryptone’s patents”, underlines Philippe BLOT, Sales SVP, “but also on our partner’s know-how in terms of highly secured chip personalization, and of contact-less payment.”

Extremely user-friendly and with an elegant design, the Dual Output Token proposes a very high level of security, particularly because seed personalization is carried out by inserting the SIM card in the token when used for the first time.

“This new offer completes perfectly our range of authentication solutions”, explains Pierre LOMBARDY, CEO of nCryptone. “Just by reading FFIEC’s (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) recommendation which specifies the necessity of using the same level of authentication for phone banking and for online banking, one will perceive the growing need of the market for this type of product.”

In conclusion, “We feel that this unique product represents a great opportunity for companies to provide a more comprehensive authentication device to the final user », says Venanzio Cipollitti, president of Inteligensa; adding to the fact that “… this token is a result of joint efforts between nCryptone and Inteligensa, two highly experienced companies into bringing security to any kind of payment or identification transaction.”

nCryptone and Inteligensa are participating to the RSA Conference taking place in San Francisco, at the Moscone Center from the 5th to the 9th of February. Presentations and demonstrations of the Dual Output Token will be proposed on their booth number 1748.

About nCryptone

Prosodie’s wholly-owned subsidiary (Reuters PSOE.PA,, nCryptone, is the major actor of multi-channel strong authentication solutions, with an offer that covers the entire value chain. nCryptone relies on its recognized expertise in transmitting sound one time passwords and in power embedded cards which have an ISO bank card format. nCryptone’s range of products is composed of: nC AudioCard, a card that delivers acoustic dynamic passwords, nC DisplayCard, also a bank card format, which displays on a flexible screen a dynamic password, nC Dual Output Token, a multi-purpose token which associates both authentication methods and nC Server, a software suite of strong authentication management marketed under ASP mode. nCryptone is a member of the OATH Consortium and of the Smart Card Alliance.

About Inteligensa

The Inteligensa Group is devoted to the development and implementation of intelligent solutions for massive business. Since 1987, Inteligensa provides Cards (Banking, ID, GSM), Personalization, POS Systems & Smart Card Developments and Authentication products which have brought them as de facto partner for nCryptone on nC DOT product by leveraging their strong experience on Chip personalization in secure environment and expertise on RFID and NFC solutions. Inteligensa is “Intelligent solutions for massive business.”

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