nCryptone and Inteligensa launch nC Mobile Token, an innovative strong authentication suite on a cellphone

nCryptone and Inteligensa launch nC Mobile Token, an innovative strong authentication suite on a cellphone

Boulogne-Billancourt, the 8th of February 2007–nCryptone, a key player in the field of strong authentication solutions, and Inteligensa, a Latin American company specializing in the development and the implementation of intelligent solutions for mass market, join their expertise to transform cellphones into Tokens that are both simple to deploy and to use.

Today, cellphones are mass market objects, they are always handy and give access to numerous services. In order to meet the pressing needs or a stronger security of electronic exchanges, cellphones can also be used as tokens, providing dynamic passwords which will replace outdated static passwords. This approach is appealing, but only if the proper tools and services–allowing to implement a solution as easily as using it to call–are provided to customers.

This is the reason why nCryptone’s nC Mobile Token includes:

  • A software platform (nC Mobile Service Center) allowing large companies (banks, administrations, e-merchants, etc.) as well as their end-users, to manage, via a secure website, all the steps of the token life cycle: creation of the token, token’s graphic personalization, user provisioning and enrolment, software deployment on cellphones (on air download or SMS), token activation (first use) or deactivation (in the case of cellphone theft for instance) of the authentication function… This modular platform is offered either as ASP or in licence mode.

  • A software which, once received by the cellphone, calculates and displays on the screen a dynamic password (OTP), based on a highly secure algorithm: OATH (nCryptone is a coordinator member of OATH). The launch of the calculation is done by entering a Pin code on a cellphone keypad, which constitutes, with the OTP, the second factor of authentication.

nC Mobile Token is compatible with all OATH compliant authentication servers. This compatibility, along with its easiness to implement thanks to the nC Mobile Service Center, guarantees quick deployment and a fast ROI.

Created jointly with Inteligensa, the nC Mobile Token suite combines nCryptone’s experience in the field of strong authentication and Inteligensa’s expertise in the field of highly secure chips.

“By broadening even more our range of strong authentication solutions, we offer to our clients to choose, according to criteria such as easiness to use, authentication channel (single and/or multichannel), association with other services, the best suited solution to their environment,” says Philippe BUSCHINI, SVP Marketing of nCryptone. “The economic appeal and ergonomic of the nC Mobile Token solution will undoubtedly hold customers’ attention. … This token is a result of joint efforts between nCryptone and Inteligensa, two highly experienced companies into bringing security to any kind of payment or identification transaction”, says Venanzio Cipollitti, president of Inteligensa.

About nCryptone

Prosodie’s wholly-owned subsidiary (Reuters PSOE.PA,, nCryptone, is the major actor of multi-channel strong authentication solutions, with an offer that covers the entire value chain. nCryptone relies on its recognized expertise in transmitting sound one time passwords and in power embedded cards which have an ISO bank card format. nCryptone’s range of products is composed of: nC AudioCard, a card that delivers acoustic dynamic passwords, nC DisplayCard, also a bank card format, which displays on a flexible screen a dynamic password, nC Dual Output Token, a multi-purpose token which associates both authentication methods and nC Server, a software suite of strong authentication management marketed under ASP mode. nCryptone is a member of the OATH Consortium and of the Smart Card Alliance.

About Inteligensa

The Inteligensa Group is devoted to the development and implementation of intelligent solutions for massive business. Since 1987, Inteligensa provides Cards (Banking,ID,GSM), Personalization, POS Systems & Smart Card Developments and Authentication products which have brought them as de facto partner for nCryptone on nC DOT product by leveraging their strong experience on Chip personalization in secure environment and expertise on RFID and NFC solutions. Inteligensa is “Intelligent solutions for massive business.”

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