New EDIsecure® Business Line Family featuring the brand new retransfer model XID 8300 and the new lamination modules ILM-LS and ILM-DS for demanding applications

New EDIsecure® Business Line Family featuring the brand new retransfer model XID 8300 and the new lamination modules ILM-LS and ILM-DS for demanding applications

Stuttgart/Germany, Dubai/United Arab Emirates, 19 October 2009–Digital Identification Solutions AG, a leading international supplier of identification solutions, has announced a new Business Line Printer Program including the new EDIsecure® XID 8300 Retransfer Printer which is based on the same reliable platform as the EDIsecure® XID 5xxie series. The new Business Line retransfer printer is part of the company’s most comprehensive launch of new products and solutions in the recent months. It can be combined easily with the new and extreme flexible optional single- or dual-sided lamination modules ILM-LS and ILM-DS to extend card life and security.

The new EDIsecure® XID 8300 Retransfer Printer, as part of the new Business Line Family, was developed for industrial needs with small footprint, less weight and modern design. This extremely modular and robust printer is provided with various optional modules such as bend remedy for production of flat ISO compliant cards, flipper for double-side printing, and diverse encoding modules. Therefore it offers an unparalleled versatility and is available at an extremely attractive price. Hence, a much broader range of clients can enjoy the benefits of an industrially designed and manufactured retransfer printer resulting in the perfect personalization solution, especially for technology cards with contact and contactless interfaces. While the printer is a truly new development, the majority of the internal parts is build using the extremely rugged and reliable heavy-duty construction which had made the XID 5xxie series become the most reliable retransfer printers in the markets since many years. Even the whole ribbon program, consisting of five distinct versions plus the long lasting XID ART retransfer film, is fully compatible with the XID 5xxie series, so that customers and distribution partners can leverage from the existing media portfolio without any changes.

With its compact size, the printer delivers the right combination of reliability, performance, and affordability for printing durable and secure cards. It almost achieves offset printing quality, even on the uneven surface of smart cards. This new model is equipped with a lockable, spacious card hopper for up to 200 cards and highest ribbon capacity with up to 1000 prints for easy handling and continuous operation. Even the ribbon compartment can be locked against unauthorized access, since the printer can utilize very security sensitive materials, such as the unique dye- sublimation UV print ribbon for invisible security printing in photographic quality.

The XID 8300 is ready to meet the individual requirements of customers and can be equipped according to the customer needs. A unique accessories compartment allows the convenient storage of supporting items, such as cleaning kits and others. It is again the only retransfer printer in the market which can truly–and reliably–print even on long lasting cards such as ABS, Polyester (PET) and even Polycarbonate (PC). For increasing demands on card functionality, optional magnetic stripe, IC contact and contactless smart card encoding is possible. Besides the already mentioned security locks the printer is provided with other security features such as Kensington lock, a user-activated password and IPSEC for encrypted data transfer through Ethernet networks. Security Erase of printed black data on used supplies helps to secure the integrity of personalized information and protects against misuse.

To extend the lifetime, durability, and security of the cards, the EDIsecure® XID 8300 Retransfer printer can be joined with optional modules for single-sided or dual-sided inline lamination in one pass.

The very flexible and compact EDIsecure® Inline Lamination Module ILM-LS offers an enormous flexibility to accommodate total cost, throughput requirements, and reliability. Due to the unconventional portrait mode lamination a very high lamination speed of 16 seconds per card can be achieved. The laminator has a Kensington lock as well as an electronic security lock for the front door to secure access to the supplies. The laminator is also available as an ILM-DS for simultaneous double-side lamination, which eliminates the need for an external flipper and so speeds up the lamination process. Even different laminates can be applied to the same card at the same time due to two cartridges and two separate heat roller systems. A wide variety of laminating media is available: clear and holographic patches in various thicknesses, patches with chip cut-out for contact chip cards as well as holographic overlays. Again, the full portfolio of existing laminate products, as it had been used since many years in the proven ILU Lamination Unit, is fully compatible to the new program.

Targeted for managing more demanding applications, the new Business Line includes also the powerful direct card printer EDIsecure® DCP 360i, which even provides field upgradeable optional encoder modules for magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart card encoding. With its sturdy construction for industrial needs, the printer provides highest print speed at a small desktop footprint. To enhance card durability and security, the printer can be combined with the EDIsecure® ILU Inline Lamination Unit for optional plug and play single- and double-sided lamination.

The group will introduce the new comprehensive line of new products and solutions to the public at various international trade fairs, exhibitions, and international partner events during the next months, starting at the GITEX in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Best of all is that the new printers while using the USB interface, come with the same unique, powerful and extremely user friendly printer drivers which end-users and partners could already enjoy with the XID 5xxie series and which does enable customers to even use the versatile Advanced Chip Encoding Framework (ACEF) right from the beginning. Further details about the new XID 8300 and Inline Lamination Modules ILM-LS und ILM-DS as well as the new product data sheets are available on the company’s website

About Digital Identification Solutions

The Digital Identification Solutions Group is a global provider of advanced identification solutions with a worldwide installed base of more than 10,000 systems. In October 2009 the Group has introduced to the world market the latest EDIsecure® XID Retransfer Printer generations for distinct Business Line segments as well as a much enhanced Professional Line Portfolio in combination with new Inline Lamination Modules. The Professional Line Portfolio will support multiple new modules in the forthcoming future, as well as the revolutionary LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System, which had been pre-announced already earlier. The company has own sales-, marketing-, logistic- and support centers in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, China, the United States and Mexico. Together with its vast network of certified partners, Digital Identification Solutions is in a position to deliver state-of-the-art solutions virtually anywhere in the world. The company combines cutting-edge technology, extensive industry know-how and an impressive array of references in the private and public sector.

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