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From the Executive Director

Continuous Innovation

When one begins to investigate what makes a company successful, there are usually a number of consistent traits that you find across the board:  a relentless focus on the customer, a clear strategy that is well understood by all employees, the ability to execute flawlessly, investing in people, and the list goes on. For successful companies in the payments and technology industries, another key trait is the ability to continuously innovate.

Due to the COVID pandemic we’ve all experienced over the past twelve months, companies have been forced to embrace new technology like never before.  Whether it’s video conferencing, contact tracing technology, an increased need for cybersecurity solutions, touchless payments, or other digital services, we’ve seen a rapid adoption of new technologies that make our lives more efficient.  There is a lot to consider when one steps back and surveys how these changes might affect individual work environments.  That is why it’s more important than ever that we leverage the strengths within the Secure Technology Alliance and U.S. Payments Forum to help facilitate meaningful collaboration and education on these key topics over the coming year.

As we approach our first virtual meeting in March, the leadership of the Forum made a pointed effort to ensure inclusion during this meeting.  In addition to the access normally granted to our Forum members, we’ve also extended access to our Alliance members to participate in the March meeting.  I’m excited about the opportunity to bring both groups together to help collaborate and educate in this challenging time.  Our diversity, both within the Forum and the broader Alliance member group, is the strength of our organization, and I’m excited to find new ways to capitalize on this strength moving forward.

I look forward to seeing everyone over the next few weeks.

Jason Bohrer

Alliance Member Registration for U.S. Payments Forum March Meeting

Secure Technology Alliance members are invited to register for the U.S. Payments Forum March Virtual Members Meeting.  The Forum is offering Secure Technology Alliance member organizations one complimentary registration for the event sessions that are open to organizations who are not Forum members.

The U.S. Payments Forum March 2021 meeting will be held over a two-week period. The virtual meeting sessions will be held March 1-4, 2021 and March 9-11, 2021. Registration is open on the Forum website.  Click HERE to see the latest agenda.  Open sessions include:

  • New Technology Impact on the Future of Payments panel
  • Implications of 8-Digit BINs education session
  • CNP Fraud and New Fraud Types panel
  • Petro EMV Conversion Status and Update panel
  • Applying a PKI Model to Mobile Driver’s Licenses Use Cases roundtable session
  • Advances in Card Technology panel
  • Contactless Best Practices and Lessons Learned panel

Alliance registration codes were sent to all member organization primary points of contact in early February. If you don’t know your primary point of contact or if you have questions, please contact Cathy Medich, [email protected].

Electric Vehicle Charging Open Payment Framework with ISO 15118

New Resource: Electric Vehicle Charging Open Payment Framework with ISO 15118

The Secure Technology Alliance Payments Council published a new white paper, Electric Vehicle Charging Open Payment Framework with ISO 15118.

The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide is a significant event on a par with other rapid technology innovations, such as the internet and mobile computing.  Although the EV charging infrastructure is technologically immature in many respects, deployment is approaching mass penetration.  This white paper outlines a path to an open payment infrastructure for paying for EV charging with the implementation of the ISO 15118 Vehicle-to-Grid communication standard. ISO 15118 is already supported by multiple EV manufacturers and charge point operators (CPOs).

The white paper provides:

  • An overview of EV charging and use cases
  • Insight into challenges with EV charging payments
  • A summary of the fundamentals of ISO 15118 and EMV payment technology
  • A proposed framework for secure open payments for EV charging
  • Discussion of the considerations and benefits of open payments for EV charging
  • A call to action for industry stakeholders to participate in cross-industry discussion to assess what is needed to support the proposed open payments framework.

Nick Pisarev, Giesecke+Devrient, and Oliver Manahan, Infineon Technologies, led the project.  Council members and guests involved in the development of this white paper included: American Express; Barnes International; Discover Financial Services; Dual Auth; Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta – Retail Payments Office; Giesecke+Devrient; Hubject; IDEMIA; Infineon Technologies; Ingenico, a Wordline brand; Mastercard; Multos International; NCR; NXP Semiconductors; Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Visa; and Worldpay from FIS.

Council Highlights

If you would like to participate in a Secure Technology Alliance Council, please contact Devon Rohrer, [email protected].  The full list of active Council projects is available on the Alliance members-only site.

Welcome New Members

  • Utimaco IS GmbH
  • Trilogy Secured Services, LLC

Congratulations New Certificants


  • Peter Peltier, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Jonathan Louie, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Phil Platz, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Murat Gokturk, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Matt Chong, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Andrew McClintock, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Marius Gheorghe, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Anthony Williams, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Thomas Siegwarth, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • David Gundogdu, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Siarhei Serpikau, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Luis Sepulveda, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Mariel Cruz, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Stephen Miller, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Curtis Von Ancken, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Angela Baker, M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • Lukas Deem, Lanmor Services Inc
  • Michael Haupt, IntegriWard LLC
  • Zachary Powell, IntegriWard LLC
  • Jim Sheahan, TIC Security
  • Jeffrey Franklin, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions


  • Baher Guirguis, Signet Technologies, Inc.
  • Corey Hewitt, Signet Technologies, Inc.
  • Thomas Kirchman, Signet Technologies, Inc.
  • David Helbock, Identiv
  • David Murray, scDataCom LLC
  • Melvin Terezon, CertiPath Inc.
  • Benjamin Williams, Probitas Technology

Current Training and Exam Dates

The following dates have been announced for CSEIP training. Class sizes have been reduced to six people per class due to COVID-19 health guidelines and safety concerns. As a result, classes are selling out faster than they have in the past, so we are advising organizations to make their reservations in advance of future security system contracts and installations.

  • CSEIP Certification Course, March 9-11, 2021 (class is full)
  • CSEIP Certification Course, April 27-29, 2021
  • CSEIP Certification Course, May 18-20, 2021
  • CSEIP Certification Course, June 22-24, 2021
  • CSEIP Certification Course, July 20-22, 2021

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