oti’s New CONNECT 3000 Telemetry Controller Expands Vending and Self-Serve Market Offering

oti’s New CONNECT 3000 Telemetry Controller Expands Vending and Self-Serve Market Offering

CONNECT 3000 Enables Variety of M2M Communication Methods and Ability to Bundle With Any oti Cashless Payment Reader

Rosh Pina, Israel–(Marketwired – Apr 2, 2015) – On Track Innovations Ltd. (oti) (NASDAQOTIV), a global provider of near field communication (NFC) and cashless payment solutions, has released CONNECT 3000, a new telemetry controller device.

oti’s CONNECT 3000 telemetry unit is a compact, cost effective, and highly modular machine-to-machine (M2M) controller. CONNECT 3000 is designed to enable communication between machines, particularly vending machines, kiosks and meters, via various optional communication methods. The primary onboard communication channel options include cellular 3G data communication, SMS and Ethernet. The device also allows for other communication methods, like WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and more, via a mini USB socket.

With a wide variety of communication interfaces and a robust software development kit (SDK), CONNECT 3000 is the ultimate M2M controller for enabling real-time clearing of cashless payments, and remote inventory control and maintenance information. In addition to compatibility with oti’s UNO and TRIO payment readers, CONNECT 3000 also offers physical and logical implementation for vending machine specific interfaces, like Multi Drop Bus (MDB) and Data Exchange (DEX).

“CONNECT 3000 is a complementary solution to our TRIO and UNO readers, and provides significant upscale opportunities for customers who use the two devices together,” said Ofer Tziperman, CEO of oti. “Its attractive and competitive price-per-performance makes the CONNECT 3000 one of the best solutions of its kind.”

“CONNECT 3000 allows us to expand within our existing customer base,” added Tziperman, “as well as open up new global markets.”

CONNECT 3000 can collect and transmit to the operator inputs from different components of the vending or self-serve machine, including sensors, all types of serial payment acceptance devices (e.g., readers), security devices (e.g., PIN pads), and data collection devices (e.g., barcode scanners). These inputs can include inventory events, security and anti-vandalism events, and transaction events.

CONNECT 3000 has a built-in operating system with a rich application program interface (API) that serves as a platform for the development of host applications. The CONNECT 3000 SDK includes source code for many of the product’s software blocks that can facilitate the rapid development of host applications for the unit processor.

CONNECT 3000 also provides the benefits of Internet connectivity (IoT) between vending, meters and service machines and their respective backend information management systems, which in turn can distribute information to the machine operator or other parties. For example, a beverage vending machine located in the lobby of a multi-floor building can utilize a Twitter or Facebook account through CONNECT 3000 to inform the residents of the building (per their choice) about machine-related events, such as price changes, inventory levels, transaction failures, as well as availability of the machine or products.

Since the unit can be connected to different parts of the machine and can aggregate information from a variety of devices, it can deliver a report to a user’s Smartphone about their purchase history or nutrition facts about the product they purchased.

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