NAHAM and LifeMed ID: Innovative Healthcare Partnership Develops Groundbreaking Continuing Education Program

NAHAM and LifeMed ID: Innovative Healthcare Partnership Develops Groundbreaking Continuing Education Program

The National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) has partnered with LifeMed ID to develop a Continuing Education Training Module to educate NAHAM’s members, and non-members across the nation, on patient ID authentication.

Citrus Heights, CA.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Healthcare Delivery Organizations and Providers, Healthcare Management Organizations, HIPAA Compliance Specialists, and Healthcare Executives have a new resource to safeguard one of their most crucial resources: patient information. The National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) has partnered with LifeMed ID to develop NAHAM’s first interactive, eLearning training module.

Focusing on patient safety and engagement, this patient ID authentication and record matching module will grant Continuing Education (CE) credits upon completion to NAHAM members and non-members across the nation. NAHAM, which establishes best practices and sets national standards for patient access, collaborated extensively with LifeMed ID to develop a cutting-edge interactive training solution designed to proliferate the latest patient validation and record matching advances in healthcare.

“One of the greatest challenges that the healthcare industry faces in the 21st century is patient validation and record matching while maintaining the protection and accuracy of patient records,” says David Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer of LifeMed ID. “Working closely with NAHAM, it was a priority to ensure the training module incorporated the latest patient identity and record matching standards and workflow automation innovations in healthcare in an easily accessible and interactive online training module. The result is an eLearning CEU program that is both entertaining and informative, emphasizing a patient engagement standard that is consistent and accurate based on compliance, security, and privacy.”

Attendees of the NAHAM 41st Annual Educational Conference & Symposium, being held on April 19th in Indianapolis, IN, will get a sneak-peek of this innovative new training module, with full-length classes scheduled to launch in Q3 of 2015. Trainees may sign up to take the class for Continuing Education credit at either following full release.

About LifeMed ID

LifeMed ID is the leading U.S. patient identity solution that automates patient and ID validation, record matching, and overall registration workflow using healthcare providers’ current POS terminals and software vendors. LifeMed ID provides a secure, user-friendly healthcare solution that allows clinicians to identify and utilize the correct patient records across disparate systems. Once the LifeMed ID solution is connected to any EMR, ADT, or PMS system, their automated workflow solution ensures patient safety, satisfaction, and care outcomes through validated patient ID and record matching.

This automated workflow enables patient arrival reporting to authorized Payers, eliminates the creation of duplicate records, and prevents misidentification, fraud, keystroke, data, and billing errors. LifeMed ID’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) accepts multiple patient identity tokens, including government, military or insurance ID cards, smart or magstripe cards, mobile devices, and state-of-the-art biometrics, to authenticate patients at all points of care.

As one of Gardner’s “Cool Vendors”, the LifeMed ID solution proves to be nonintrusive, scalable, and is little to no cost to providers with high ROI. LifeMed ID – secure registration, now. For more information visit


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