Precise Biometrics and Schlumberger Renew Agreement to Develop Biometric Security for Cyberflex* Smart Card

Precise Biometrics and Schlumberger Renew Agreement to Develop Biometric Security for Cyberflex* Smart Card

PARIS, June 5, 2003–Precise Biometrics AB (publ), developer and provider of world-leading and user-friendly biometric security solutions based on fingerprints, and Schlumberger, one of the world’s leading smart card providers, have renewed their existing agreement on the integration of the biometric security option in the Cyberflex Access* 64K smart card.

With the original project now commercially successful, the companies will enlarge the scope of the agreement to include licensing of the Precise BioMatch™ software, as well as marketing and sales.

The agreement between Precise Biometrics and Schlumberger, announced in February 2002, has resulted in an upcoming market launch of a new Java™ Card application by Schlumberger.

The renewal of the existing technical agreement between Precise Biometrics and Schlumberger means that the two companies will also work together in the marketing and sale worldwide of Precise Match-on-Card™ as an integrated biometric security option on the Cyberflex Access 64K card.

“We’re looking forward to increased cooperation with Precise Biometrics. By using Precise Biometrics’ unique Precise Match-on-Card technology as a new option on our Cyberflex Access 64K smart card, we can offer customers improved security and cost effectiveness, while retaining speed and ease-of-use,” said Laurent Vieille, access smart card manager at Schlumberger Smart Cards and Terminals.

“Being able to move ahead to sales and marketing work with Schlumberger, a leader in its industry, is a great step for Precise Biometrics. Together we can offer customers the product they have been looking for to support their corporate ID and access control projects,” said Jonas Andersson, Director, Smart ID Cards at Precise Biometrics.

The new Java Card biometric application on the Cyberflex Access 64K card is designed for corporate and network security applications. To offer the application, Schlumberger licenses Precise Biometrics’ software product with Precise Match-on-Card capability, Precise BioMatch C, and integrates it into the Schlumberger Java Card product. The functionality of the Precise Match-on-Card makes it possible to match fingerprints directly using the secure environment of a smart card instead of a computer, which is much less secure. Consequently, the product offers the customer significantly more convenience and privacy.

The biometric option on Cyberflex Access cards complies with the Java Card Forum’s established standard for the Java Card biometric API.

This new biometric capability–with a defined and well-documented interface–will be available to Java application developers worldwide. Use of the feature is greatly simplified and the investment is secured through the availability of readers from leading manufacturers that use Precise Biometrics’ technology.

Schlumberger is a world leader in smart card technology and a leading supplier for smart card-based solutions for wireless operators, companies, and financial and government institutions.

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BioMatch and Match-on-Card are trademarks of Precise Biometrics. Java is a trademark of Sun Microelectronics.

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