Secure Services Corp. Achieves Milestone in United States Identity Protection with the Launch of the SSC SHAPE Card Management Solution

Secure Services Corp. Achieves Milestone in United States Identity Protection with the Launch of the SSC SHAPE Card Management Solution

Downers Grove, Illinois (November 6, 2007rev.)–Secure Services Corp. (SSC), a leader in developing unique solutions for secure information and communication has achieved a milestone within the United States. SSC has successfully integrated their Secure Health and Privacy Environment (SHAPE) Smart Token® with TecSec’s Constructive Key Management® (CKM®) cards with Intercede’s MyID smart card and identity credential management platform. SSC is one of the first companies in the US to offer the Healthcare market a complete smart card-based ID solution that enables secure online access to patient medical information, reduces insurance fraud through quick patient identification and proof of insurance, and enables doctors to collect payments more quickly.

“Our SHAPE solution provides the healthcare market with one of the easiest to use and most secure identity registration, issuance, authentication and authorization systems available today,” said Les Keepper, Jr., SSC’s CEO. “Intercede’s MyID enables customers to easily apply permission and access management rules onto cards at the point of card issuance, rather than applying them after the fact like almost everyone else in the market. This ensures that we have no discontinuity or conflicts. Ultimately MyID helps ease the pain of issuing and managing identity credentials on devices. This process builds a card specifically for the end user so it is ready to use when they receive it. We are very pleased to be partnered with Intercede.”

“SSC’s technologies and the selection of world class partners, like Intercede, is what makes our approach to the problem of identity protection so unique. This system now exceeds all United States compliance and governance rules,” said SSC’s Keepper.

Secure Services Corp.’s unique approach of combining market leading card and credential management from Intercede with the SHAPE Smart Token® CKM cards using an advanced biometric technology with match-on-card capabilities, provides for unparalleled Identification, Authentication and Authorization of an individual. “Identity and trust are always an issue. Today, everyone fears that their medical records and personal health records will become public. Using our SHAPE Smart Token® CKM card, for example, patients can be confident that their health care information is secure and available only to those medical providers or others to whom they grant access,” said Les Keepper, Jr., “We can provide this same security and role-based access to non-health care related applications as well,” Keepper continued.

Key features of SSC’s SHAPE Smart Token® CKM card and match-on reader platform are:

  • The card holder’s fingerprint is converted to a digital algorithm on the card to establish identity. Since the actual fingerprint is not contained on the card or elsewhere there is no risk that someone can access information if a card is lost. Also, the fingerprint does not become part of any database, avoiding another privacy concern.
  • The SSC platform is based on world renowned, cryptographically secure technology that has not been breached.
  • Access to information that is “opened” by use of the biometric fingerprint and card is “role based.”
  • The card holder controls who has access to specified information. For example, a card holder or patient may allow complete information to be available to the family physician with limited information available to another medical provider.
  • The issuer of the card can, with limitations, define, enforce and establish the rules, to determine who can access information and be sure that the correct person is receiving it.

SSC benefits of choosing Intercedes MyID card management system

  1. First CMS to be listed certified Federal Identity Processing Standard (FIPS) 201compliant and listed on the General Service Administration’s Approved Products List (APL). ( Item #81
  2. Card production bureau connector for high volume SHAPE Card Production.
  3. Extremely Flexible–Supports multiple SHAPE card issuance and management
  4. Ease-to-Use and Quick-to-Deploy – Saving Time and Money.
  5. Tight Security Controls – For Your Peace of Mind.
  6. High Interoperability and Programmable Interfaces – Providing a Future Proof System.

About Secure Services Corp. (SSC)

Incorporated in 2004, Secure Services Corp. (SSC) is a leader in developing technology to provide secure, private and encrypted communications using identity-based biometric control management. SSC is establishing the principle that “trusted personal privacy information technology and encrypted communication will add to and provide for a secure US health care system.”

SSC’s innovative product suite, the Secure Health And Privacy Environment (SHAPE) includes encrypted and HIPAA compliant solutions for health care and other markets. The SHAPE Smart Token® Card is the ultimate tool to ensure security and identity. SHAPE ClaimRemedy enhances medical provider revenue cycle management and increases efficiency. SHAPE Linx™ provides a unique secure and encrypted desktop environment for communications and data sharing. The SHAPE PHR is a patient-centered and controlled personal health record that is portable between insurance carriers enabling fast, secure medical information retrieval by authorized providers of health care.

For more information about Secure Services Corp., visit or call 1.877.772.1123.

About Intercede

Intercede Group plc is a leading developer and supplier of smart card and identity management software listed on the London Stock Exchange (IGP LN) (IGP.L). Intercede’s MyID software manages the secure registration, issuance and lifecycle of digital identities for a wide range of uses. This requires the integration of multiple technologies and products from many different vendors, including smart cards, biometrics, digital certificates and Open Platform applets.

Intercede works with a number of market leading OEM, re-seller and technology partners that supply MyID technology including: Athena Smartcard Solutions, Gemalto, Oberthur Card Systems, RSA Security, SafeNet, Thales, VeriSign and a variety of systems integrators and other security product and service providers.

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