TrustBearer Adds Strong Authentication Support for and Google Apps

TrustBearer Adds Strong Authentication Support for and Google Apps

TrustBearer’s authentication and identity federation service now supports strong authentication to and Google Apps.

August 27, 2008–TrustBearer Labs, an authentication and digital identity solutions company, has announced single sign-on support for and Google Apps with its authentication and identity federation service, TrustBearer OpenID.

TrustBearer’s Single Sign-on support allows users to strongly authenticate to, the market-leading online customer relationship management service with over 1 million subscribers, and Google Apps, a business productivity and communications platform managed by Google.

“Business executives are quickly moving to online collaboration services like to manage their customer and client data – the most critical and sensitive data for companies,” said David Corcoran, CEO of TrustBearer Labs.

“TrustBearer recognizes that this critical and sensitive data must be protected using secure methods. Hardware-based PKI authentication is widely known as the strongest form of security available. TrustBearer has combined the strength of hardware-based PKI authentication with the simplicity and ease-of-use that web users expect with online applications,” said Corcoran.

To offer single sign-on to users of and Google Apps, TrustBearer expanded its OpenID identity provider service to include support for SAML, which is widely implemented for enterprise authentication.

With the combination of OpenID and SAML, users of the TrustBearer service can sign-in to applications and networks using a single hardware-based authentication device, commonly a smart card or USB token. When authenticating to a service, such as, users connect their authentication device and present the PIN or biometric associated with the device.

About TrustBearer OpenID

TrustBearer OpenID is a federated digital identity web platform. The service provides users with hardware-based, multi-factor authentication to websites that have implemented the OpenID or SAML standards. TrustBearer supports a variety of hardware tokens, including many smart-card based federal identity cards such as the U.S. Government PIV, CAC and TWIC cards as well as various European national ID cards.

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