TrustBearer Labs Selected as HealthVault OpenID Provider

TrustBearer Labs Selected as HealthVault OpenID Provider

Fort Wayne, IN June 18, 2008–TrustBearer Labs, an Internet security and authentication solutions company, has been selected by Microsoft Corp. as an OpenID provider for the Microsoft® HealthVault™ online consumer health platform.

TrustBearer Labs’ OpenID service will allow HealthVault users to login securely to their account using multi-factor hardware authentication devices, such as smart cards, biometric readers, or security-enhanced mobile phones. The service uses challenge-response authentication to prevent common phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, which are a growing concern of online service providers.

“Our objective is to give our customers choice and make their web experience easier, while helping them safeguard their privacy,” said George Scriban, senior product manager, Health Solutions Group, Microsoft. “We’re happy to be working with TrustBearer to give HealthVault users the option of using OpenID with their HealthVault account.”

HealthVault is a Web-based platform designed to put people in control of their health data. It helps them collect, store, and share health information with family members and participating healthcare providers, and it provides people with a choice of third-party applications and devices to help them manage things such as fitness, diet, and health.

“Sharing information across health care institutions is critical in providing better care and reducing overall health care costs, but this requires a higher assurance of privacy and security. HealthVault, matched with our security enhanced OpenID service, will provide users with the confidence that their medical data can only be accessed by the rightful owner,” said David Corcoran, CEO of TrustBearer Labs.

TrustBearer Labs’ broader health care software and services use the same security devices for patient identification, insurance forms processing, and admission with hospital and clinical systems using self-service kiosks.

About TrustBearer Labs

TrustBearer Labs delivers adaptive and effective identity solutions by creating software that simplifies and extends the use of authentication credentials. With over 10 years experience in developing applications in government, consumer, and health care, TrustBearer Labs is a recognized expert in making strong authentication and security simpler and more effective. More information about TrustBearer Labs can be found on the company web site at:

TrustBearer Labs’ OpenID service, uses strong authentication with a hardware token, smart card, or biometric reader to strengthen the security and authenticity of users’ OpenIDs.