Valet Parkers Get Home Faster Thanks To the New RFID Cards Issued By Red Beetle Inc. On Digital Identification’s EDIsecure® XID Printer

Valet Parkers Get Home Faster Thanks To the New RFID Cards Issued By Red Beetle Inc. On Digital Identification’s EDIsecure® XID Printer

Piedmont, SC, September 3, 2009–Digital Identification Solutions LLC, USA, announces that Roncari Express Parking, the largest offsite airport valet on the east coast, has begun providing its patrons with the new “electronic GOPASS” membership card. The new membership card will eliminate waiting for their customers while they are dropping off or picking up their vehicle.

A new membership card system has been installed at the Bradley International Airport (BDL), the Gateway to New England, as part of Roncari Express Valet Parking’s operating agreement. This system is based on the new eGOPASS RFID membership card and the IP-AXS system provided by Red Beetle which includes the EDIsecure® XID 580ie Printer. The system is tied together on the back end with ParkWares’ parking management software suite which manages all aspects of the customer profiles, point of sale, lot management and transaction processing. When an eGOPASS client enters the valet parking lot, they simply “tap” their membership card at the kiosk to start the process. They are then prompted with their profile information on a touch screen display that enables them to quickly select the date and time of their return and any additions vehicle services they would like done to their car. This entire drop-off (check-in) process can be completed in seconds and the patron is off to their flight.

“Roncari Express Parking is excited about the opportunity to provide this advanced technology and to better service to all our valued clients,” commented Vice President and general manager Paul Murdock. “Our clients wanted a system that eliminated delays and stress associated with their departure and arrival, and our new system does just that. Roncari Express Parking is looking forward to working with the Red Beetle and Digital Identification Solutions teams to deliver the innovative, secure and time-saving concepts our customers demand and are dedicated to continuing our rapid expansion driving innovation every step of the way.”

For the client’s convenience upon return from their flight, they simply “tap” the card on a Roncari Courtesy Station reader located in the arrivals area at the airport, which connects directly over the internet to the ParkWares application at Roncari Express. Within a second, the customer receives a confirmation screen instructing them to proceed to the shuttle bus area. Simultaneously a shuttle bus is immediately dispatched to pick up the client at that location, and the client’s vehicle is pulled from the lot, their credit card is charged and the vehicle with receipt is ready and waiting when the client arrives. No wait; no worry.

The eGOPASS is printed on RFID cards via the EDIsecure® XID 580ie Printer. Because of the technology based around RFID cards, using a printing process like retransfer printing is preferred. Retransfer printing in the XID is very simple; the card follows a straight path transferring the color from the ribbon onto a separate film, known as the retransfer film, onto the card. During this process, the print head never directly touches the card therefore rarely ever damaging the card. The EDIsecure® XID 580ie Printer also has enhanced image processing giving the cards a superior image quality over cards. In Red Beetle’s testing to find the right printer for this project they discovered that the EDIsecure® XID 580ie provided the perfect combination of speed, superior images, and quality of ease of operations. “We cannot say how pleased we are with the system over the past 5 months of operation. The integration of the various components came together quickly, allowing us to train our staff on the new system during our beta transition phase,” says Murdock. “The reliability and automation aspects have allowed us to reallocate staff to other areas in our vehicle services area. Most importantly, customer satisfaction and feedback has yielded an increase in new customer signups, which is growing market share despite current travel statistics.”

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