VMC: Multi function LEGIC smart card fuels efficiency for global oil company

VMC: Multi function LEGIC smart card fuels efficiency for global oil company

Integrated smart card functionality is helping ‘fuel’ efficiency at the international headquarters of Petro-Canada, one of Canada’s largest oil and gas companies

Around 250 staff benefit from the user friendly system that combines e-payment technology with access control at a newly refurbished London office block where workers could in the future also be using their individual cards for computer log on.

The new technology was introduced in May 2005 and followed a move to new premises at London Bridge from Knightsbridge.

Staff build up an ‘electronic purse’ to make purchases in a modern café area, using the latest technology from leading cashless payment specialist, VMC. Workers gain access between Petro-Canada’s six floors, using an integrated entry card system from Custom Security Solutions whose expertise encompasses the design, supply, installation and maintenance of security systems across the UK and abroad.

The smart card system is based on a partnership approach that also involves Third Millennium who specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced access control readers and electronic security products.

According to Petro-Canada’s Facilities Manager Ashley Thorburn the combined technology works very well and generates a host of on-site benefits.

“The multi functionality is very important,” he explained. “We needed to combine as many functions as possible into the card as there is separate card for accessing the building and the lifts to get to our floors. Cashless payment in the Café makes good sense for security, hygiene and efficiency.”

Ashley added: “Around 250 staff and visitors use the service along with colleagues from other branches which we find particularly useful.”

As well as e-payment and access control within the floors and stairwells, the system will in the future also offer smart computer access, as Ashley added: “The system is very smooth running and we view an integrated approach as by far the best way forward. We never had cashless payment before so it took a little while for things to settle down but most staff like the integrated card system and recognise the benefits.”

He concluded: “Removing the need to handle cash at the point of sale in the Café is great. Improved hygiene and security are the two biggest benefits.”

VMC is a leading provider of reliable, efficient and forward thinking cashless payment systems and according to Managing Director, Nick Bate creating a solution that not only provides cashless payment but integrates that into access control, time and attendance and other daily functions, is the core requirement of a facilities manager.

He confirmed: “Flexibility is the key. All our systems are based on multi application technology and the majority of users are looking to spread the costs across access control and cashless payment etc, rather than providing one card for each individual task. The user friendliness and cost effectiveness of a ‘one card does it all’ approach is key to market success.”

“In addition we firmly believe in a partnership approach where companies who are true experts in their fields work together, such as Custom Security, Third Millennium and VMC of course as well as contactless smart card manufacturer LEGIC who in this instance provided the platform for the different technologies to operate seamlessly together.”