Whitepapers Available from VeriFone on Unattended and Contactless Payment Solutions

Whitepapers Available from VeriFone on Unattended and Contactless Payment Solutions

September 23, 2008–VeriFone has developed two new whitepapers on contactless and unattended payment technology, aimed at those with an interest in implementing or finding out about the latest payment solutions.

The first whitepaper is called Buying into a New Payment Future and focuses on contactless payment systems. It includes an overview of electronic contactless payments and identifies the benefits to both the retailer and consumer. It also examines some of the latest applications for contactless technology and potential areas for growth.

The contactless whitepaper offers an insight into how the technology works, the security standards and compliance the systems must adhere to and gives an overview of the contactless cards that are typically being used with today’s systems.

The second paper, called Buying Into a Self-Service Revolution, provides an overview of self-service payment culture, the drivers for unattended systems and the benefits of unattended systems which include both cost and convenience.

The paper also examines the growth of unattended systems in the UK and Europe, as well as some of the latest trends. It highlights some typical applications, giving examples and also looks at the latest unattended systems that combine payment systems with multi-media, touch screens, and interactive point-of-sale.

The future for unattended systems is discussed in this paper as well as an overview of some of the latest security standards and compliance to ensure that unattended payment systems remain as secure as possible.

To register and download a copy of the contactless whitepaper, visit http://www.verifone.com/about-us/industry-leadership/contactless.aspx. To download the unattended whitepaper, visit http://www.verifone.com/kioskcom08.

Other whitepapers are available from the VeriFone website, including information on wireless payment solutions and security. Visit http://www.verifone.com/about-us/press-room/white-papers.aspx to download them.

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