Secure Services Corp. Announces Breakthrough in Smart Card and Biometric Authentication Technology

Secure Services Corp. Announces Breakthrough in Smart Card and Biometric Authentication Technology

SHAPE Card™ Biometric Match-on-Card Using MULTOS OS

Fast Fact: SSC’s SHAPE Card™ is a smart card using both Match-on-Card biometric fingerprint verification and the MULTOS™ operating system.

Fast Fact: Smart card technology enhances both control and privacy while allowing for secure information access and data mobility.

Downer Grove, Illinois, September 24, 2008–Secure Services Corporation (SSC) announced they have developed the SHAPE Card™, a smart card employing biometric Match-on-Card (MOC) algorithms and using the MULTOS operating system. The SHAPE Card uses MULTOS, recognized for being the most robust and reliable secure smart card platform in the world. The addition of the biometric Match-on-Card verifies the user’s identity, adding to the overall security of the smart card and any applications linked to the card. “We believe that we have one of the only–if not the only–smart cards using both the MULTOS operating system and employing Match-on-Card technology,” said Lester H. Keepper Jr., SSC’s Chairman and CEO. “And, we know that our SHAPE Card solution is so economical that it allows this advanced technology to be dispersed widely wherever security and privacy are concerns.”

With current and growing concerns about privacy and security, the MULTOS operating system provides the greatest security and the most flexibility to maintain discrete information silos. MULTOS is used extensively throughout the world for a range of applications including payment, authentication, digital identity, loyalty, and contactless ticketing securely co-residing on a MULTOS powered chip.

“One of the critical features of the SHAPE Card is that it uses a fingerprint algorithm to affirmatively establish the card holder’s identity,” noted Lester H Keepper Jr., CEO and Chairman of Secure Services Corp. “Precise Biometric’s Match-on-Card™ algorithm allows the SHAPE Card to protect the privacy of the user’s biometric data since Precise Biometric’s technology, enabled by SSC’s patent-pending process, means that the fingerprint never leaves the card and is not stored in anyone’s database.”

“As Match-on-Card stores and matches the fingerprint inside the card, the patient’s personal privacy is preserved and no fingerprint database is required. At the same time, smart health cards with fingerprint recognition can reduce risks of identity errors, fraud and tampering with social security services. There are just so many areas where the healthcare industry can benefit from fingerprint recognition and Match-on-Card technology”, says Karin Sveheim, Director of Markets at Precise Biometrics.

The SHAPE Card is a key component of SSC’s suite of SHAPE™ products for the healthcare industry. “The SHAPE Card used by the physician and the physician’s staff provides secure computer access through SHAPE software as well as enhanced HIPAA-compliance. When used by patients, the SHAPE Card verifies that a patient is who they say they are and, when used in a doctor’s office, opens the door to insurance payment information, electronic medical records and personal health information relevant only to that patient. When coupled with our SHAPE PHR™ (Personal Health Record) the physician will have a more complete picture of the patient’s medical history. By using the entire SHAPE system, our research shows that efficiency and quality of care are enhanced and errors and duplication of services are reduced,” said Keepper.

SSC’s initial focus is on the healthcare industry. However, additional markets are also being pursued or considered, including the use of the SHAPE Card for logical access rights and identity verification.

About Secure Services Corp. (SSC)

Incorporated in 2004, Secure Services Corp. (SSC) leads the industry in developing solutions technology to provide secure, private and encrypted communications using identity-based biometric control management. SSC is establishing the principle that “trusted personal privacy information technology and encrypted communication will add to and provide for a secure U.S. health care system.”

SSC’s innovative patent-pending product suite SHAPE™, the Secure Health And Privacy Environment, includes encrypted and HIPAA compliant solutions for health care and other markets. The SHAPE Card™ is the ultimate tool to ensure security and identity.

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The MULTOS operating system is a robust, industry-backed smart card platform delivering simplicity and innovation to the world’s leading issuers. With more than 100 million issued smart cards across 32 countries, MULTOS is overseen and provided by a consortium of 18 smart card and silicon manufacturers, payment schemes, card management system providers, and integrators. A range of applications including payment, authentication, digital identity, biometrics, loyalty, and contactless ticketing may securely co-reside on a MULTOS powered chip. For further information, visit

About Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics AB is an innovative company offering fast, accurate and secure fingerprint recognition technology to prove people’s identities.

Precise Match-on-Card™ is the process of storing and matching fingerprints on a smart card, thereby making the smart card a truly personal token. Precise Match-on-Card™ integrates with ID, health and bank card programs, and is licensed to more than 78 million users all over the world. For more information, visit

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