XIRING readers for the Brazilian Ministry of Finance

XIRING readers for the Brazilian Ministry of Finance

December 20, 2007–XIRING has announced a partnership with E-Safetransfer and a first delivery of 15,000 Teo by XIRING readers for the Brazilian administration.

E-Safetransfer has received a purchase order for 15,000 Teo by XIRING readers from the Brazilian Ministry of Finance, through its department of Internal Revenue (R.F.B Receita Federal do Brazil), which are to be delivered immediately. This first contract with the Brazilian Government aims to equip the Department’s employees with smart card readers in line with the PKI smart card infrastructure in Brazil.

RFB is part of the Brazilian PKI initiative–ICP Brazil–for the development of PKI security tools. The National PKI initiative plans to issue over 8 million smart card certificates (e-CPF), through hundreds of Registration Authorities in the country within the next two years.

Teo by XIRING is a transparent PC/SC smart card reader that seamlessly integrates with PKI infrastructures. It is the interface between the smart card and the dedicated applications (online tax submission and payment applications). Teo by XIRING complies with market standards (USB v2.0, CCID) and is certified in MS Windows environments. Its innovative design and ergonomics make it a very easy to use, ‘plug and play’ reader.

“Teo by XIRING is a strong addition to our line of USB readers for loyalty, access control, banking and PKI government applications. Those customers who have already tested it have experienced its speed and see that it is an intelligent design. It has the potential to become the best selling PC/SC smart card reader in Brazil,”, says Neissan Monadjem, CEO of E-Safetransfer S.A.

“The security application market is very dynamic in Brazil, especially in the e-administration sector, but it requires a local partner. Our partnership with E-Safetransfer, a leading player in the Brazilian smart card business, will promote our product offering in this dynamic market,” says Georges Liberman, Chairman and CEO of XIRING.

The contract signed by E-Safetransfer has become a price reference model for other Public Institutions in Brazil wishing to directly acquire Teo units without having to initiate separate biddings.