Alacris® Identity Validation (OCSP) Server Receives Common Criteria Certification

Alacris® Identity Validation (OCSP) Server Receives Common Criteria Certification

Certification Significant Because a Growing Number of Large Organizations Assess the Security and Assurance of Technology Products Based on Common Criteria Certification

Ottawa, June 1, 2004–Alacris® Inc., a developer of certificate management and identity assurance software products, today announced that the Alacris Identity Validation (OCSP) Server has received Common Criteria (CC) certification effective February 27, 2004. Common Criteria is a rigorous international standard for the evaluation and certification of Information Technology (IT) security products, and is formally recognized and required by a growing number of large organizations, including the U.S. Government.

CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc.,, under the oversight of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), is the accredited independent testing lab that conducted the evaluation. CSE is the Government of Canada’s center for IT security expertise, advice and guidance. CSE participates in the international Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) on Canada’s behalf and sets the standards for the Canadian certification process.

“Common Criteria evaluation is an increasingly important issue for many government and private sector organizations that are interested in implementing highly trusted software solutions,” said Conrad Bayer, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Alacris Inc. “Alacris is focused on responding to the needs of our customers and this certification now positions the company among the select few, if not the only identity assurance solution provider, to offer customers both OCSP Client and Server products that are Common Criteria certified.”

The Common Criteria Security Target, Certification Report and Certificate of Product Evaluation for the Alacris Identity Validation (OCSP) Server are posted on CSE’s Internet site at The Alacris Identity Validation (OCSP) Client received Common Criteria Certification on January 13, 2004 (

The Alacris Identity Validation (OCSP) product is a complete, flexible and cost-effective way to validate the integrity of digital certificates. It certifies the revocation status of digital certificates using a combination of an OCSP Client and an OCSP Server. The OCSP Client determines the status of a particular certificate by sending a status request to a designated OCSP Server. The Server then provides a definitive answer regarding the status of the submitted certificate.

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Alacris Inc. is a developer of certificate management and identity assurance software products including idNexus, a certificate and smart card management product for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Certificate Authority (CA) and the Entrust CA. Alacris has also developed the Alacris Identity Validation (OCSP) product that provides real-time certificate status information. Global industry leaders in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Financial Services and Government have implemented Alacris products. For more information about Alacris, please visit our Web site at

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