Alacris® idNexus 2.1 for Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Now Available

Alacris® idNexus 2.1 for Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Now Available

idNexus 2.1 Extends Lifecycle Management Capabilities for Smart Card Deployment and Management Requirements in Enterprise Windows Environments

Ottawa, October 26, 2004–Alacris® Inc., a developer of certificate management and identity assurance software products, today announced that Alacris idNexus 2.1 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is now available. idNexus for Microsoft 2.1 provides extended lifecycle management support for digital certificate and smart card based identity assurance solutions in enterprise Windows environments.

Originally launched in April 2003, idNexus for Microsoft was designed to provide robust identity assurance lifecycle management capabilities for advanced authentication technologies including digital certificates and smart cards. New features available in idNexus for Microsoft 2.1 that extend these management capabilities include:

Smart Card Printing: idNexus 2.1 allows smart cards to be printed during the enrollment process as part of an integrated lifecycle management system–thereby enabling organizations to deploy smart cards that support both advanced authentication (logical access) and corporate identity badge requirements;

Centralized Enrollment: idNexus 2.1 supports a variety of centralized enrollment scenarios to ensure the user receives a fully operational smart card within an enrollment model that is mapped to the needs of the business–thereby avoiding customized solution development;

Enhanced Smart Card Lifecycle Management: idNexus 2.1 provides extended lifecycle management capabilities–from enrollment to retirement of the smart card–combined with flexible policies that can be configured to meet the unique security requirements of each customer;

Integration Support: Using a digital certificate with or without a smart card is often the first component within an organization’s authentication strategy. idNexus 2.1 provides extended integration support with other third party systems that may be required as part of a broader identity management strategy.

“Alacris idNexus 2.1 adds significant functionality to further support diverse smart card deployment and management requirements within Microsoft centric enterprises,” said Conrad Bayer, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Alacris. “The extended smart card lifecycle management capabilities offered in Alacris idNexus 2.1 are a direct reflection of the value our customers are recognizing in being able to simplify the integration, deployment and ongoing management of certificate and smart card authentication technologies with a single management platform”.

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Alacris Inc. is a developer of certificate management and identity assurance software products including idNexus, a certificate and smart card management product for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Certificate Authority (CA) and the Entrust CA. Alacris has also developed the Alacris OCSP Identity Validation product that provides real-time certificate status information. Global industry leaders in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Financial Services and Government have implemented Alacris products. For more information about Alacris, please visit our Web site at