Axalto R-UIM Cards Open Up Opportunities for CDMA Operators to Enhance Subscriber Experience in North America

Axalto R-UIM Cards Open Up Opportunities for CDMA Operators to Enhance Subscriber Experience in North America

Axalto demonstrates R-UIM cards with R-UIM enabled phones at CTIA Wireless 2006, booth 1844

CTIA WIRELESS 2006, LAS VEGAS, April 5, 2006–R-UIM cards and compatible phones are now available in North America, giving CDMA subscribers all of the benefits that were once exclusive to users of GSM networks, Axalto announced today. Axalto R-UIM cards ease handset upgrades, provide international roaming and add to overall convenience for subscribers of CDMA networks like Sprint, Verizon, Alltel and Bell Mobility. Axalto will demonstrate its R-UIM smart cards on R-UIM compatible phones from Nokia today and this week at CTIA Wireless 2006, booth 1844.

“The growing number of CDMA operators in Asia and South America who are purchasing R-UIM phones and cards has clearly motivated handset vendors to bring R-UIM enabled handsets to market,” added Paul Beverly, President Americas for Axalto. “The majority of the world’s mobile network operators have already adopted smart card technology for the benefit of their subscribers. We believe that North American CDMA operators will follow suit.”

A R-UIM card is used in CDMA mobile phones and is personalized with unique information that identifies the subscriber to the network. It is the equivalent of the SIM card used on GSM phones. Based on the R-UIM, GSM and iDEN standards, Axalto has developed the Simera™ Airflex™ SIM card that can operate in CDMA, CDMA-1xRTT, CDMA 2000, W-CDMA (UMTS), GSM, iDEN and GPRS networks. With the Simera™ Airflex™ card in a suitable phone, CDMA carriers are now able to offer a true worldwide roaming service spanning across all continents and all types of wireless networks.

A R-UIM card can store hundreds of personal phone numbers, text messages and value-added services. Because all of the subscriber data is stored on the card, subscribers can change handsets without losing information or services by simply moving the R-UIM from one handset to another. This reduces related customer care calls by as much as 80% and opens up opportunities for subscribers to have more than one handset for different functions, such as PDA phone for work and a slim camera phone for personal use. The R-UIM card can also boost the prepaid market, as it allows subscriptions to be activated and used independent of handsets.

“With R-UIM cards now available for the North American market, CDMA operators and MVNOs have a huge opportunity to increase both revenue and subscriber loyalty through a user experience that is better than ever before,” added Paul Beverly, President Americas for Axalto.

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