CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution Supports “Spring Blitz” Demonstration for Super Bowl and Hurricane Emergency Response Officials

CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution Supports “Spring Blitz” Demonstration for Super Bowl and Hurricane Emergency Response Officials

CoreStreet PIVMAN Software Supports DHS Demonstration for Routine as well as Emergency Access

Cambridge, MA., May 16, 2008–CoreStreet, the leader in credential validation solutions, today announced that its CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution served a critical role as part of the May 15 “Spring Blitz” Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-201 interoperable credential usage demonstration, hosted by Tampa Fire Rescue with technical support provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Taking place at the Tampa Fire Training Academy in Tampa, Florida, the demonstration simulated routine and emergency access for hurricane disaster sites as well as the Super Bowl, marking it as the first demonstration focused on the use of credential validation for routine and emergency access in a commercial scenario.

One of the primary goals of “Spring Blitz” was to demonstrate routine and emergency access to a secured facility for Super Bowl emergency response officials by validating FIPS-201 interoperable credentials. Within the scenario there were two zones: the staging zone and portions of the interior with limited access. Participants entered and exited both Super Bowl zones via electronic validation of their FIPS-201 “just-in-time” credentials. This scenario demonstrates mutual aid response to a highly secure zone in the event of an emergency.

“The CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution has served a critical role in disaster-related DHS FEMA demonstrations and we’re pleased that it was a part of the first demonstration focused on commercial routine and emergency access control,” said Chris Broderick, CEO of CoreStreet. “In the wake of tragedies such as 9/11, securing facilities for large civilian events like the Super Bowl has become a primary concern for both the general public as well as emergency response officials. The CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution allows for quick validation and authentication of a person’s role and attributes, aiding the DHS FEMA in its efforts to ensure our country’s facilities are secure and our citizens remain protected.”

Additionally, “Spring Blitz” demonstrated routine and emergency access re-entry for civilian hurricane evacuees by verifying drivers’ licenses upon return to the disaster site in an effort to create perimeter visibility for law enforcement, as well as promote a safe return for residents.

Both scenarios demonstrate the importance of validating and verifying identity for access to a secure site.

Some of the participatory organizations include the National Football League, The Tampa Police and Fire Rescue Departments, Tampa’s Emergency Management Office, The National Guard, The U.S. Coast Guard, the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, The Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center, and the Metropolitan Medical Response System.

The CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution enables authorized personnel to control access to any site by authenticating and validating the identities and privileges of individuals wishing to enter an area. Through the use of server software and software for handheld devices, the CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution allows for information on a large number of individuals, well into the hundreds of millions, to be managed without affecting performance and without requiring a persistent connection to a data source.

The CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution also played a key role in the May National Level Exercise “NLE 2-08”, showcasing real-time tracking of relocated government personnel while traveling to Continuity of Government and Operation alternative sites after a disaster. Additionally, the CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution was used in the 2008 “Winter Blast” DHS FRAC demonstration, which was focused on emergency response personnel credential validation and attribution for healthcare and emergency responders. Since its launch in September 2006, the CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution has been deployed by numerous Federal, State and local governments for credential validation of the DoD’s Common Access Cards (CACs) and of FIPS-201 Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards.

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