Fargo Electronics Joins Open Security Exchange

Fargo Electronics Joins Open Security Exchange

MINNEAPOLIS, October 13, 2003–Fargo Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq: FRGO) announced today that it has joined the Open Security Exchange (OSE), an industry forum promoting the integration between disparate components of security infrastructure. Fargo manufactures card printer/encoders and systems that create personalized plastic identification cards.

“Fargo’s mission is to build innovative card personalization systems,” says Kathleen Phillips, Fargo’s Vice President of Marketing. “As a member of the OSE, our innovations are in concert with the other components of a complete security infrastructure. That means our customers are assured of a cohesive, highly secure and cost-effective security program. ”

FARGO printing systems personalize cards by printing images, text and bar codes and by encoding data onto magnetic stripes, smart chips and proximity antennae. The cards produced by Fargo printers are used as part of a complete security management program that may include visual identification, and physical and logical access.

The OSE, a program of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (http://www.ieee-isto.org), is a cross-industry forum that promotes security management by addressing the lack of integration commonly found in today’s security infrastructure. The OSE drives the creation and adoption of interoperability specifications by working closely with existing standards bodies. Implementation of OSE’s interoperability specifications helps organizations reduce costs, while leveraging their existing security infrastructure to maximize operational efficiency.

“We are pleased to welcome Fargo as a new member of the OSE,” says Laurie Aaron, vice chair of the Open Security Exchange. “The addition of new members is a critical priority for our organization. We look forward to working with OSE members to facilitate the development of the specifications, and the marketing and interoperability activities that will support implementation and acceptance of the specifications in the marketplace.”

About OSE

Dedicated to promoting the adoption of interoperability specifications in the area of security management, the Open Security Exchange was founded by Computer Associates International, Inc. (http://ca.com), Gemplus (http://www.gemplus.com), HID Corporation (http://www.hidcorp.com) and Tyco Software House (http://www.swhouse.com). The first technical specifications issued by the Open Security Exchange address interoperability between physical and cyber security technologies. Membership in the Open Security Exchange is open to all qualified organizations. For more information, please visit http://www.opensecurityexchange.org.

About Fargo

Fargo is the world’s leader in innovative technologies for desktop plastic card personalization systems. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Fargo is the only manufacturer to offer three distinct technologies in printing systems–High Definition Printing™ (reverse image), traditional Direct-to-Card printing (dye-sublimation), and CardJet Printing™ technology (inkjet)–to personalize plastic identification cards, complete with digital images and text, lamination, and electronically encoded information.

Personalized identification cards provide physical, information, and transaction security for a wide variety of applications and environments including Corporations, National IDs, Drivers’ Licenses, Universities, Schools, Government Installations, Transportation, Casinos, Healthcare Facilities, E-commerce, Retail Stores, Correctional Institutions, Associations, Sports Events and Recreation Sites. More than 70,000 Fargo systems have been sold in the U.S. and in over 80 other countries. For more information, visit Fargo’s Web site at http://www.fargo.com.

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