Gemalto Showcases its Machine-to-Machine Solution at SIMposium 2007

Gemalto Showcases its Machine-to-Machine Solution at SIMposium 2007

Gemalto M2M offering enables customers to optimize logistics and reduce associated costs.

SIMposium 2007 tradeshow, Berlin, April 24, 2007–Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), a world leader in digital security, is demonstrating its dedicated offer tailored to the specific needs of the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market at SIMposium 2007. Gemalto designed a robust SIM-based device that meets the stringent requirements of the industrial environment in terms of vibrations and shocks. The next release of the product will feature extended life span and resistance to strong temperature variations. The Gemalto card can be pre-embedded within M2M communicating modules, optimizing logistics and reducing the related costs for M2M players. In March 2007, SFR Entreprises announced the launch of EasySIM together with Gemalto, while Bouygues Telecom announced the first European deployment of M2M cards for Shell Butagaz, alongside Gemalto and Sensile Technologies S.A.

The Machine-to-Machine market has seen significant growth in the past few months, covering usages as diverse as remote management, industrial data collection, intrusion control and healthcare. An M2M application allows a patient equipped with a heart pacemaker to be permanently connected to his/her doctor. The automotive industry opens up another opportunity: car manufacturers are actively looking at implementing M2M modules that could issue an immediate warning in the event of a crash and automatically call the rescue services. The M2M module would accurately report the location of the damaged car, which would drastically cut emergency response time and save lives.

The Gemalto device, which comes in the form of a ruggedized electronic component, is directly integrated within the M2M communicating module at manufacturing stage. This eliminates manual operation, such as insertion and configuration, and significantly reduces the related costs. The secure personalization process is performed either before or after the card has been incorporated into the module, affording M2M players greater flexibility in managing subscriptions. In addition, since the card is welded inside the module, it cannot be stolen nor misused.

“Over the past two years, Gemalto has been working on various implementations of the SIM card that meet the needs of the M2M market, in fields such as the automotive industry, vending machines and industrial metering,” commented Philippe Vallée, executive vice-president telecommunications and R&D at Gemalto. “Today, this enables us to meet the demand of the M2M market and have an in-depth understanding of its specificities. A particular requirement is that the subscription can be remotely allocated within the machine at the right time, at the right place, upon the operator’s request in liaison with the different partners it has contracted to use its mobile network.”

About Gemalto

Gemalto (Euronext NL 0000400653 GTO) is a leader in digital security with pro forma 2006 annual revenues of €1.7 billion, operations in about 100 countries and more than 10,000 employees including 1,500 R&D engineers. In a world where the digital revolution is increasingly transforming our lives, Gemalto’s solutions are designed to make personal digital interactions more convenient, secure and enjoyable.

Gemalto provides end-to-end digital security solutions, from the development of software applications through design and production of secure personal devices such as smart cards, SIMs, e-passports, and tokens to the management of deployment services for its customers. More than a billion people worldwide use the company’s products and services for telecommunications, financial services, e-government, identity management, multimedia content, digital rights management, IT security, mass transit and many other applications.

As the use of Gemalto’s software and secure devices increases with the number of people interacting in the digital and wireless world, the company is poised to thrive over the coming years. Gemalto was formed in June 2006 by the combination of Axalto and Gemplus. For more information please visit


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