Hypercom Provides Payment Terminals for Successful Contactless-Enabled Mobile Phone Payment Trial in Australia

Hypercom Provides Payment Terminals for Successful Contactless-Enabled Mobile Phone Payment Trial in Australia

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, November 25, 2008–Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today announced that it has provided contactless-enabled payment devices for the successful consumer trial launched recently at Melbourne’s Docklands in Australia. The program allows consumers to make purchases by waving their NFC-enabled mobile phones over contactless readers integrated with Hypercom’s Optimum T4200 family of devices.

“Customers immediately embrace the idea of using their cells phones like a payment card,” said T.K. Cheung, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Hypercom Corporation. “It’s fast, and there is virtually no learning curve, with our high security products giving complete confidence in the payment process.”

The Optimum T4200 product family consists of six powerful, multi-application devices with a consistent “look and feel,” based on the same user-friendly and space-saving ergonomics. The T4200 series joins a full array of high-performance Optimum countertop, multi-lane, wireless and portable terminals that have been adopted by leading banks, retailers and independent sales organizations globally since Hypercom introduced its first 32-bit Optimum product in 2004.

The Australian trial includes 12 merchants and 200 consumers who have configured their phones to support contactless payments by remotely downloading a software application on their SIM card. The trial will continue for several more months, and is expected to show a high level of consumer acceptance for this new means of payment.

This is the second successful mobile payment trial using Hypercom products. Earlier this month, Hypercom announced that Intermarche, one of France’s leading retailers with almost 1,500 retail outlets has installed Hypercom technology as part of the Payez Mobile Trial for NFC payments in two test sales outlets in Caen and Strasbourg, two cities in France.

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