LifeMed Card, Inc. Announces Smart Card Platform Installation at The Memorial Hospital, North Conway, NH

LifeMed Card, Inc. Announces Smart Card Platform Installation at The Memorial Hospital, North Conway, NH

Citrus Heights, California, May 28, 2009 – LifeMed Card, Inc. (“LifeMed”), announced today that it has successfully installed its new smart card-based patient access system called “LifeMedTM” at The Memorial Hospital in North Conway, NH.

LifeMedTM has been developed for hospitals to quickly and accurately identify patients and help manage them through the admissions process. Patients now have the ability to view and contribute to their overall medical records, giving the hospital a more complete medical picture of the patient.

LifeMedTM smart cards will be issued and utilized during patient registration at The Memorial Hospital, as well as its three ancillary facilities. Each patient at Memorial will be issued a branded The Memorial Hospital smart card. Total issuance is expected to be beyond 30,000 cards. The smart card will store patient demographic, insurance and medical information, allowing pre-registration and automated admission into the hospital. All information contained on the smart card is protected by sophisticated security encryption algorithms, making the data virtually impossible to steal.

David Batchelor, LifeMed’s CEO commented, “We expect patients to embrace smart cards to manage their medical data, not only at the hospital, but as a method of connecting to and controlling their electronic patient health records. With so much discussion regarding the development of patient health records, we believe we have a real-world answer to connecting patients, providers, physician, and clinics to correct, and up-to-date information. This is a major step towards ensuring patient-centered healthcare and supports making electronic patient health records a reality”.

Lawrence Carbonaro, Director, Patient Access for The Memorial Hospital observed,
“As a Critical Access Hospital in the Mt. Washington Valley, we wanted to make sure that our patients have a positive healthcare experience. Our mission is to deliver exceptional healthcare and with the LifeMed platform, we have the ability to extend that delivery to the non-medical services, including the admissions process. The chief complaint that almost every hospital gets about the admissions process is “We really don’t want to take the time to fill out the same forms time and time again and have lengthy waiting periods.” With the LifeMedTM software, that problem is alleviated and the wait time is greatly reduced. From an operations standpoint, we expect to see substantial efficiencies and savings from LifeMedTM from the outset.”

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LifeMed Card, Inc. was formed for the purpose of providing smart card-based solutions to the healthcare industry. As the leading issuer of smart card solutions in healthcare, LifeMed is dedicated to improving healthcare process and outcomes through smart card technology.

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The Memorial Hospital has been serving the Mount Washington Valley since 1978. With multidisciplinary specialties in Family Practitioners, Internists, Surgeons, and subspecialties in Diabetes, Endocrinology, Oncology and Urology, The Memorial Hospital offers an array of health services for preventive and interventive care, for all age groups in both outpatient and inpatient care.