New Security Technology EDIsecure® HPT

New Security Technology EDIsecure® HPT

Digital Identification Solutions presents worldwide first and unique Holographic Personalization Technology at CeBIT 2009 in Hanover

Stuttgart, Germany, February 25, 2009–Digital Identification Solutions AG, a worldwide leader of identification solutions, will present at CeBIT Exhibition in Hanover, Germany, the EDIsecure® Holographic Personalization Technology (HPT), a new and unique technology to provide significantly enhanced protection against counterfeiting of ID cards.

At booth no. B25, Hall 11, the German-based Digital Identification Solutions Group–for the first time ever–will present a new, cutting-edge technology for the simple, but effective and reliable verification of the authenticity of ID cards. The EDIsecure® Holographic Personalization Technology adds an additional level of security to ID cards and protects them from forgery and tampering. This revolutionary technology provides for the on demand personalization of individual or generic diffractive images directly onto the card surface. It incorporates unique optical effects extremely difficult to counterfeit, which can contain the card holder’s photo as well as text, logos, emblems, symbols, coat of arms, or a combination of these.

The EDIsecure® HPT is another Digital Identification Solutions’ response to the demand for increased security and provides free choice in designing the diffractive optical images. For the first time ever, such a solution is available in the desktop personalization segment of this industry. While the worldwide announcement of this technology does take place during CeBIT, the new hardware for the EDIsecure® HPT will be rolled out step by step during the coming months as part of a multi-product launch program which will enhance the current EDIsecure® Professional Line Retransfer Printer portfolio significantly and bring it up to yet another level of performance, versatility and security.

This innovative EDIsecure® HPT solution complements perfectly all of the security features provided by the next generation of EDIsecure® XID 93xx Professional Line Retransfer Printer Series, as well as the new EDIsecure® LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System, which had been disclosed for the first time ever during the Cartes Exhibition in Paris, November 2008. It can be combined with security features based on EDIsecure® XID Retransfer technology, such as electronic guilloche printing, high resolution gradient UV printing, and Invisible Personal Information (IPI), as well as with secure laser engraving, allowing for security features such as on-demand printing of data as micro text, CLI (Changeable Laser Image) and MLI (Multiple Laser Image), and tactile effects.

The unique combination of security elements provides effective protection against manipulation or forgery of the personalized card. The EDIsecure® HPT is suitable for use in all types of high- security ID documents, including identity cards, driving licenses, healthcare cards, and corporate ID cards.

With the introduction of this new security technology Digital Identification Solutions underlines once again its strong market position.

About Digital Identification Solutions

The Digital Identification Solutions Group is a global provider of advanced identification solutions with a worldwide installed base of more than 8.000 systems. In November 2008 the Group has successfully introduced to the world market the latest EDIsecure® XID Retransfer Printer generation in combination with high secure laser engraving. The company has sales, marketing and support operations in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, China, the United States and Mexico. Together with its vast network of certified partners, Digital Identification Solutions is in a position to deliver state-of-the-art solutions virtually anywhere in the world. The company combines cutting-edge technology, extensive industry know-how and an impressive array of references in the private and public sector.

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