Staff time & attendance from primion for Baden-Baden’s renowned baths

Staff time & attendance from primion for Baden-Baden’s renowned baths

In 2003, comprehensive renovation was undertaken of the Caracalla thermal baths in Baden-Baden, Germany. A new staff time & attendance system was also installed as part of the conversion and renovation work. Because of the different opening times, there are numerous worktime and shift models that must be administered. primion’s Visual Time solves the task “comprehensively and conveniently”, and is at the same time both flexible and easy to use.

Time & attendance with primion’s Visual Time

The planners chose the primion system Visual Time because it is very flexible and easy to use. The wide range of evaluations that it performs and the transfer of the data to the wage and salary program used were other criteria behind this decision.

The staff-registering terminal used is the standard terminal DT 100 with an Ethernet interface. primion utilizes the existing network structure, which meant that there was no need for any major wiring work inside the extensive building complex. This terminal was chosen because it supplies the information necessary for the workforce and is at the sametime very easy to operate. It also blends very unobtrusively into the building environment.

The contactless LEGIC system for the staff credential used allows contact-free communication with the time & attendance terminal. Besides preventing wear and tampering, this will also cut maintenance costs in the future. The passes were designed as company card and have the lettering and logo of CARASANA Bäderbetriebe GmbH printed on them.

Thanks to its modular design and the reading method that it employs, future software and hardware extensions will be both possible and easy, for example access control. The personnel manager at CARASANA Bäderbetriebe GmbH, Harald Schürrer, says that ‘We chose primion because Visual Time can perform the tasks that we require in full and conveniently. We were also impressed by the price and the future-orientated technology.’

The Caracalla thermal baths

Covering more than 3000 m2, the Caracalla thermal baths offers plenty of space for therapeutic relaxation and hours of bathing pleasure in healing thermal water. This extensive bathing landscape is famous throughout the world for its variety and timeless elegance. One indoor and two outdoor pools, as well as a rocky grotto and an aromatic thermal bath, are inviting places for guests to relax. The Roman sauna landscape with an outdoor area in the picturesque castle garden is another highlight of the Caracalla thermal baths. Offering a variety of options, from the Finnish sauna to the block house sauna with its romantic campfire, it has something to suit all tastes. More than half a million people visit the Caracalla thermal baths every year.

The Friedrichsbad baths

The Friedrichsbad baths are unique in the world. They are Roman-Irish baths–which in 1877, the year in which the Friedrichsbad baths were opened, must have seemed strange to Baden-Baden’s residents. After all, people knew that although the Romans conquered half the world, they never reached Ireland. So how did this extremely therapeutic and very relaxing mixture of baths styles come into being? It was invented by the Irish physician, Dr. Barter. He brought together Roman bathing culture (thermal baths of different temperatures) and Irish bathing tradition (hot-air baths) and combined them harmoniously with each other. This and the hot springs of Baden-Baden gave rise to this agreeable combination of hot air, thermal steam and a thermal baths for movement therapy, which can be enjoyed to their full effect here at the Friedrichsbad baths. Visitors can now experience and enjoy this exclusive bathing pleasure on a special tour incorporating 16 different stations. After the ruins of the Roman baths were closed to visitors for eight years, they were renovated and an attractive new museum area was added to them. Since they were re-opened, it has been possible to view the impressive ruins daily.

Contactless communication with LEGIC

Data terminal DT 100

The DT 100 is an independent data terminal for time & attendance, with eight keys and a memory function for individual persons. It is optimally suited to all applications related to time & attendance.

Thanks to its compact design, the terminal can be installed almost anywhere. The ergonomic membrane keypad allows optimum operation and carries clear and unambiguous symbols. Individual time data such as “coming”, “going”, „overtime” etc. can be checked at the terminal. This is also possible offline. The 2-line LC display with background lighting provides excellent depiction possibilities. Additional functions are also available. All texts can be loaded from the PC and are displayed as plain text. The reliable terminal was developed to have a long service life and contains no moving parts. This has reduced to an absolute minimum the service costs for the new system.